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Large Presentation to the 2021 Festival

On 25th June, and on the 34th anniversary of the formation of the West Lancashire Masonic Clay Pigeon Shooting Society, the chairman and members of the Society presented W Bro Tony Harrison the Rt W Provincial Grand Master with one of the largest single donations to the 2021 festival

The Cheque of £10,000 was a combination of the hard work of the society members and some Patronage from Lodges & Chapters, for which we are always thankful.

We were hoping that it would have been much more but unfortunately, we had to cancel the 16th National Championships, scheduled for the 20th June, because of social distancing restrictions.

This together with the £750 to two non-masonic charities, distributed at our AGM, brings our total donations over the 34 years to over £134,000.

Our forefathers put in the Constitutions as one of the aims of the Society ‘To maintain our support of Masonic and non-Masonic charities’ I don’t think they envisioned how well those aims would be achieved.

Left to Right: David Winder, Chairman of the Festival; Ian Heyes Society Chairman; Tony Harrison; Andy McClements, Vice Chair of the Society and Mick Woods.

Left to Right: David Winder, Chairman of the Festival; Ian Heyes Society Chairman; Tony Harrison; Andy McClements, Vice Chair of the Society and Mick Woods.

The presentation took place at the Provincial Office in Leyland and facemasks were worn, not to protect the innocent but to be socially aware and set an example. On receiving the Cheque W Bro Harrison said “ I am absolutely delighted that such a generous donation of £10,000 to the 2021 Festival has been received from the West Lancashire masonic Clay Pigeon Shooting Society and it is most appropriate that today marks the 34th Anniversary since its formation. My sincere thanks to those members of the Society, both past and present, for their continued support”.

International Championships hailed a great success

The first ever International shoot organised by the National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies was held at the Doveridge Shooting Ground at Doveridge, Ashbourne, Derbyshire on Saturday 7th September.

123 entries from 17 Provinces representing 6 Countries came together to enjoy a superb competition at a marvellous venue with good weather.The six countries represented were England, Scotland, Wales, Jersey, Ireland and delegates from India.

The England Team

Breakfast rolls with tea/coffee began the day at registration and by 9:30am. everyone was assembled on the patio for a welcome address by the Chairman, Brian Saidman, photo’s having been taken of the assembled group a short safety talk delivered by the Secretary Roger Wilkes and everyone went of their respective stands for the “Shotgun Start”.  The 100 bird shoot over 12 stands was held in the beautiful grounds, with Turkeys, Peacocks and Guinea fowl walking around making a pleasant day.

The Madras Team

Doveridge staff must be congratulated here as the whole day went off without a hitch, no technical problems and everyone was back in the club house by 1:45pm.  Score cards were checked and verified and for this we must thank Doveridge’s excellent computer scoring system which checked and double checked our arithmetic, some excellent scores were recorded with the first five cards showing 95, 91, 91, 90 and 89. However there were also some in the mid thirties with most between 45 and 75.

The Wales Team

The international competition was won by England with a collective score of 369  second was Scotland with 324 and in third place Wales with 310. High Gun for England was Dan Bishop (Hants/I of W) on 95  High Gun for India was Unnikrishnan Kodoth 73, High Gun for Ireland Richard Dennison 67, High Gun Jersey Jack Handby 77,  High Gun Scotland Tom Galasham 84 and High Gun Wales Scott Morgan 90.  The Guest Junior Score was Joe Dodds (West Lanc’s) 60, Guest Ladies Score Sadie Center (Scotland) 79 and Male Guest Richard Baker (Met GL) 92.  Lady Freemason High Gun Kath Wright (West Lanc’s) 49 Veteran Freemason Dave Smith (West Lanc’s) 92 and Masonic High Gun Dan Bishop (Hant’s/I of W) 95. A buffet meal was served in the clubhouse and was ready for when the competitors finished shooting

The Scotland Team

It was nice to see some provinces represented who have never shot with us before, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Lincolnshire. And everyone enjoyed the company of the large contingent who came down from Scotland. They enjoyed the competition so much that they agreed to host it next year at the Natio0nal Shooting Centre at Falkirk on 15th August 2020. This date has yet to be confirmed.

The top three Guest Ladies

The Committee of NAMCSS were praised for the initiative in starting the event and the excellent shoot.


Thanks must go to Roger Wilkes of East Kent for his unfailing hard work in putting it all together and Brian Saidman who as Chairman presented the prizes in his own inimitable way. The Treasurer Nick Jenkins always has an eye on the finances and appeared a happy man.

Joe Dodds (right)

Last but not least thanks to Clive and Sue Bramley and the staff of Doveridge Clay Sports Club and all those who travelled to support the event

Richard Dennison

A complete list of scores can be found here

International Final Result

Medal Winners