Firstly, the very good news is that as of 29th. March 2021 shooting grounds can open once more, several of them will be open on that date and many others will open their doors that week.  We will still be under the “Rule of Six” for a few weeks but at least we will be able to commence shooting once more, let us all hope that we can maintain this freedom permanently this time.

Due to the problems caused by the pandemic, Dorset have had to withdraw from hosting the national this year.

With the valued assistance of John Hemmings of Bristol and Larry Baldry from Wiltshire NAMCSS will now host the event and we are able to inform the membership of the details which I hope will attract many of our members to take part.

The venue will be : Barbury Shooting School near Swindon, Wiltshire and the date will be Saturday 18th. September 2021

The cost is £50:00. with an optional luncheon at £12:50. I hope that you and your members see these as very attractive prices.

For further details please contact NAMCSS secretary Roger Wilkes

Application Form – Here

NAMCSS  Donates further funds to the Disabled Shooters Group

Saturday 17th. October 2020 Brian Saidman, our Chairman, Nick Jenkins and Roger Wilkes, our Treasurer and Secretary respectively were invited to visit Sporting Targets at Riseley in Bedfordshire where the Disabled Shooters Group of the CPSA were to hold their AGM along with a 100 clay shoot.  On a clear, dry but overcast morning we met up with the group and Sam Nunn their Secretary with whom the arrangements had been made.  At 10:00am we set off in our groups to enjoy the wonderful shooting ground that is Sporting Targets although as I write this wonderful as the ground is my shooting was not.  The choice of stands at this ground is vast with a number of high towers which would make the best shooters take a second look, there is such a variation in the type of targets you could shoot here for several days and not cover the same clays twice.

After a great couple of hours shooting we all converged on the club house for a meal, socially distanced of course, and it was after this that we began the presentation to the group.

The funds had come from the International held last year but as the decision for the allocation of these has to be made at an AGM we had to wait until our meeting in March to agree where these were to go.

This was further delayed by the pandemic so our invitation in October was the first opportunity,  Brian Saidman explained to the members gathered where the funds had come from and how the AGM had no doubt where they wished the donation to go, Nick Jenkins our Treasurer had produced a very large cheque and it was with great pleasure that this was presented to the group with the wish that it assisted them to continue  to support all of the members and their successes in all that they do for the sport.

After a number of best wishes and thanks the three of us bid the group good bye to make our way home after a great day with an awe inspiring group of people that it is always a pleasure to spend time with.

 Roger Wilkes October 2020

Buckinghamshire Masonic activities came to a very sudden and abrupt halt, when the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK shutting down the golf and clay shooting as well as other organised event’s at the drop of a hat, Covid-19 certainly put a kink in charity fund raising event’s in Bucks at that time, but now we are back and with a bang, the clay shooting section is up and running again, firstly we had two five shooter teams entered in a Hertfordshire Province Charity shoot on 25th August 2020 in which the “A” team came third overall missing out by two clay’s for second place with a score off 452/500.

The “B” team shoot well but only managed a score off 361/500, well done to both teams, but Bucks did have a shooter in the prize’s, Phil Goddard shot a very good 96/100 putting him in second place, well done to both teams and congratulations to Phil.

All the members that shot on the day enjoyed the event, and are looking forward to more of the same, so if you would like to join us you would be most welcome, for more info. Contact Roger Gills on

Team “A” :-    Dave Hollis, Luo Amey, Phil Goddard, Micheal Blackwell and John Hopcroft.

Team “B” :-   Roger Gills, Wyn Beckett, Neil Odedra, Steve Cheshire and Dave Woodham.

Team A

The day started wet and windy which made some of the higher targets tricky, as the wind was moving them about quit a lot, but as the shoot went on the rain stopped but the wind did not ease until later in the day after both teams had finished shooting the rounds but that’s the luck of the draw.

The shoot was also extended from one to two days as there were over 120 shooters taking part, (originally it was a one day event with 60 shooters ), Hertfordshire managed to raise £465.00 for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice (Barnet).

Team B

B.M.C.P.S.A. would like to welcome both Neil Odedra and Steve Cheshire to shooting with us and look forward to seeing you both at are up and coming charity shoot’s,


B.M.C.P.S.A. had four charity shoot’s book by the end 2019 for 2020 season, the first at Oxford Gun Co. at the end of March the second at Drayton Parslow ( Lou’s S.G.) in July, both had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 along with the Masonic National Championships at Preston, the Home Counties Championships in Sussex and the second Masonic International in Scotland, so when the lockdown was eased we contacted Tittershall lodge (were we had booked our third shoot) to see if we could have the shoot safely on the  date we had booked Mike Redman the manager assured us there would be no problem.